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About Best Quran Teaching

At Best Quran Teaching, our mission is to refine the lives of Muslims across the globe by reconnecting them to the Divine Word. Our portal is registered under the projects of Eworld Innovative Solutions LLC, USA.


Initially, this was a small setup where a single Quran teacher was training a bunch of Muslims. Gradually, the positive word-of-mouth brought admissions rolling in and eventually it is now an official platform. We feel extreme delight by the ravishing reviews left by our former students.

The sole objective of every instructor at BQT is to aid fellow Muslims across the globe to get closer to Allah through His Word. Currently, we are a family of 50 male and female instructors, conveying Quranic knowledge to 500 students worldwide. So far, 2000 students have learnt Tajweed from us and the figure is still increasing.

Besides Tajweed, we have people on board with a solid command on Tafseer, Arabic Language, and Basic Islamic Knowledge.

We offer a range of tutors with varying skill sets. You can opt for a native tutor if you are willing to learn Quran in an Arabic dialect. We have some notable experts from Jordan and Egypt onboard.

Or, you could choose the tutors coming from non-Arabic countries. We assure you that every tutor comes from an authentic academic background. 

Quran Teaching Majority

Quran Teaching is well aware that the majority of Muslims are engaged in various commitments, which significantly limit their time to educate themselves about Islam. BEST QURAN TEACHING further realizes that Muslims living abroad often face difficulties when trying to find organizations, mosques, or learning centers to gain assistance in accurately learning the Quran. Thus, we aspire to serve and assist such Muslims by providing online one-to-one live interactive classes for teaching the holy Quran at a time most convenient for you.


Best Quran Teaching not only focus on those who have diminutive knowledge on how to recite the QURAN but we also aim to help individuals who can recite the Holy Quran, however often face trouble due to lack of familiarity with Tajweed rules.


Quran Teaching uses successful teaching methods and makes learning the Quran both a fun and educational experience for its members. In order to prove our ability to accurately teach the Quran we are offering 3 DAYS FREE TRIAL CLASSES in which you simply evaluate our service. Best Quran Teaching will work to its full potential to help you understand the true teachings of Islam, the Holy Quran.