Islamic Studies

It is essential for every Muslim to know the basics of their religion. They must know the dos and don’ts of the religion to ensure that they are walking on the right track. This course helps the students to understand foundation of the religion. Along with that, they can also ask the instructors to craft a course. The teacher will design the course according to the prior knowledge of students. Studying Islam helps a Muslim to improve their lifestyle. They learn to understand things from the perspective of Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (PBUH). In light of these facts, the benefits carried by learning Islamic Studies are: It leads one towards the Sunnah lifestyle It gives a purpose in life

How do you proceed?

These sessions are customized according to the needs of the students. As for the newly converts, we have a basic lesson plan that helps them to get acquainted with the religion. The teacher helps students to learn the prayer and other rituals. There are also sessions that help students to delve into history of Islam and reflect on how they can perfect their religion. You can easily interact with your teacher and convey what info you need. They will devise a strategic lesson plan to improve your learning.

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