Just like one cannot proceed to learn English Language without learning its phonics, you cannot expect to get acquainted with the Quran without understanding its basic letters. Qaida will enlighten you about the letters and their pronunciation. Also known as Tajweed, this learning is based on certain rules and regulations.
We use Mu’aalim – ul – Qirat Al – Arabiyya by Shaikh Zakariyya Hussaini to fulfill this course. You will find that this course is quite easy and simple to learn. Our platform brings native tutors from Jordan and Egypt to impart knowledge in correct form.
For every new lesson, there are plenty of exercises that will clarify your concepts. It begins with basic Arabic knowledge and progresses to include other elements like conjoined letters and extension symbols. It is meant to give you command on Arabic and improve your reading skills.
The perks of learning Qaida are:
• It makes you more fluent in reading the Quran
• It avoids making mistakes later in the Quran
• The student g