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    About Best Quran Teaching

    At Best Quran Teaching, our mission is to refine the lives of Muslims across the globe by reconnecting them to the Divine Word. Our portal is registered under the projects of Eworld innovative Solutions LLC, USA


    Initially, this was a small setup where a single Quran teacher was training a bunch of Muslims. Gradually, the positive word-of-mouth brought admissions rolling in and eventually it is now an official platform. We feel extreme delight by the ravishing reviews left by our former students.

    The sole objective of every instructor at BQT is to aid fellow Muslims across the globe to get closer to Allah through His Word. Currently, we are a family of 50 male and female instructors, conveying Quranic knowledge to 500 students worldwide. So far, 2000 students have learnt Tajweed from us and the figure is still increasing.


    Besides Tajweed, we have people on board with a solid command on Tafseer, Arabic Language, and Basic Islamic Knowledge.

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    Why Choose Best Quran Teaching?

    With a huge number of Quran teaching platforms surfacing nowadays, it is plausible to question what’s unique about BQT.

    Well, for one, we conduct a trial lesson for every student. Plus, there is a constant communication between student and the teacher to clarify the concepts. This interactive structure helps us to focus on weak areas of a student and work together towards improvement.

    At our platform you get:

    ** One on one classes

    ** Better communication setup

    ** Regular curriculum upgrades




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