Quran Translation and Tafseer

Quran is the source of guidance that must be our partner in all ups and downs of our life. You cannot afford to lose it as this will bring grave consequences for you in the Hereafter.

If the guilt of not being connected with this book engulfs you, it is about time you get rid of it. Understanding the meaning of the Quran was never this easy before. Join our platform to get acquainted with the Word of Allah so you can act upon it.

We have tutors from Egypt and Jordan who can translate the Quran for you and explain it in an easy way. Learning Tafseer from native tutors ensures that information conveyed to the students is authentic. Some of the benefits of learning the Tafseer of Quran are:

You understand the purpose of this life

It helps you to enhance your perspective

It is the road to understanding Allah (SWT)

It improves your lifestyle and conduct

We provide different courses in this regard. You can choose to read simple translation with our experts or you can pick the course that will help you to get detailed knowledge of all Quranic injunctions. Our experts make sure that the course unfolds according to the caliber of our students.

How do you proceed?

At first, the instructor will introduce you to the translation that we will use. You can go through the document and provide your feedback if it seems understandable. During the trial classes, the teacher will enlighten you about the purpose of the Quran and how it has the power to change our lives. He/she will also provide you the outline of the course so that you will understand how we will cover the Quran portion by portion.

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