Things to Know

Things to Know

Our teachers and students must follow a certain set of regulations. Following are some queries students often ask.

Q1. Should I provide my contact number to the teacher?

BQT: No. You should not provide your contact info to the tutor unless you notify us.

Q2. Am I allowed to help the teacher financially?

BQT: All our staff joins us after acknowledging the pay scale. If you are willing to help a teacher besides the regular fee, kindly notify us prior.

Q3. Is it okay if the teacher requests the amount to be transferred in his/her personal account?

BQT: No. BQT does not permit its teachers to get direct transfers from students.

Q4. May I pay the tutor from Zakat?

BQT: We have a strict rule of not receiving any amount from Zakat funds from the students.

Q5. How can I contact the BQT Team directly?

BQT: There is a Whatsapp Support Team that will cater to all your requests. Any help regarding billing issues, schedule changes, student progress, and tutors’ feedback can be communicated to that group.

Q6. Can a teacher modify the schedule as per his/her feasibility?

BQT: The teachers are not allowed to change the schedule on their own. There should be proper coordination between authorities, tutors, and students. It has to be a mutual decision of all.

Q7. How to send a gift or Hadya to the teacher?

BQT: If you are sending willingly, please follow the official method of our website. You have to contact the billing department, transfer the amount in BQT accounts, and we will make sure your Amanah is delivered to teacher’s account along with the monthly salary.