Basic Qaida Course to Introduce Arabic

Qaida Just like one cannot proceed to learn English Language without learning its phonics, you cannot expect to get acquainted with the Quran without understanding its basic letters. Qaida will enlighten you about the letters and their pronunciation. Also known as Tajweed, this learning is based on certain rules and regulations.We use Mu’aalim – ul […]

Quran Recitation focusing on Tajweed

Quran Reading It is the right of Quran that you recite it with perfection and proper pronunciation. No matter which age bracket you fall in, you can always make an effort to learn how to recite the verses of the Quran.The first milestone that you have to cover in this regard is that you must […]

Learn to recite with a Native Tutor

Learn to recite with a Native Tutor It is a rightful belief that natives could teach their language in the best way. Therefore, Best Quran Teaching has now hired tutors from Egypt and Jordan to teach the knowledge of Quran. These tutors work hard to teach the Quran in the Arabic dialect. These tutors provide […]

On-demand Weekend Classes

On-Demand Weekend Classes We understand how some students cannot cope up with the daily pressures of their life. Adjusting a Quran class in an already-hectic routine could be a tough job. Therefore, Best Quran Teaching offers weekend classes for its valuable customers. You can now make your weekends more productive by devoting a few hours […]

Memorize Quran with an experienced Hafidh

Quran MemorizationAre you interested in memorizing the Quran? Do you feel there is no one who can guide you through it? Well, here we are. We have the best staff that will help you to tread through the journey.It is true that memorizing Quran is a long journey. It takes hours of striving and devoting […]

Female Tutors for Female Students

Female tutors for female students Best Quran Teaching fully understands the concerns of its female students. We have taken a team of female tutors on board who are responsible to teach and train the female students. These tutors are exceptionally capable and come from a sound academic background. They have several years of experience and […]