Tips to Memorize Quran


Learning the Quran by heart is a huge task. It is a path that is filled with challenges and obstacles. This is one reason why Allah (SWT) has kept great rewards for His servants who go above and beyond in this pathway. A blessing of the current age is that we can learn Quran online. […]

Learn Tajweed Online to Utilize Your Time Productively


Let me ask you a question today – What do you do in your free time? Most people would probably answer; they scroll social media or watch their favorite shows on Netflix. After all, we need to relax and give ourselves a break. Right? Wrong! Being a Muslim, it is your ultimate duty to connect […]

Sadaqah – In the light of Quran and Sunnah


At the end of each day, do you reflect on your state of Imaan? Have you drawn any closer to your Rabb? Or, are you caught up in the glimmer of Dunya and forgot that you have to return? It is human nature to forget. But if the forgetfulness lasts long, it may bring doom. […]

What Makes Holy Quran Teaching Online Special?


Are you facing a tough time reading the Quran? Even if you have tried your level best, but somehow you cannot read well. You may be a sensitive person, and you may feel that you are unable to recite the holy verses beautifully because something is missing in your soul. Overcome all these negative feelings […]