How Long Is The Quran?

Allah has sent messengers for the guidance of mankind who have conveyed the commands of Allah to the people. And this chain of guidance continued for a long time. Even when the man reached the stage of consciousness, Allah ended this chain of Prophethood on Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Through Hazrat Muhammad, Allah has revealed to mankind all the best principles for human beings in the form of a collection which is called the Quran. The Quran is the last book of guidance for mankind from Allah. The wisdom of Allah was that the scriptures before it were changed after a certain period of time. After which Allah revealed the Qur’an which is Allah’s last, complete and irrevocable guide for mankind till the Day of Resurrection.

The Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad (S.A.W.W) on various occasions over a period of 23 years. The complete Quran was revealed in a period of 23 years which was completed in 632 C E. In the Quran, there are 30 Siparas, 114 Chapters, 6666 Aayat, 540 Ruko,91 Makki Surahs, 23 Madni Surahs, 26 Mention of prophets, 4 names of the angels, and namaz has been mentioned 700 times. The Qur’an was completed in two periods, one in Mecca and one in Madinah.

Mecca Era:

In every instruction of the Qur’an, it is important to see at what time these verses were revealed. The part of the Qur’an that was revealed in Makkah is called Makki Surahs. These include 86 surahs. Makki Surahs are short and simple. In these Surahs, believing in the Oneness of Allah, believing in the Day of Judgment, believing in the reward of good deeds and the punishment of bad deeds, believing in Heaven and Hell, and Including teachings such as human moral character.

Madinah Era:

The part of the Quran which was revealed after the migration from Mecca to Madina is called Madani Surahs. The number of these surahs is 28. The Madani Surah has been long and called O believers in it. The principles mentioned in the Madani Surahs include Islamic law, financial matters; emphasis has been placed on establishing relations with ethics and other religions. Madani Surahs include the rules of Jihad. These Surahs are usually longer and include more social duties and responsibilities and rules of jihad.

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